Lucknow and Ripley Historical Walking Tours

The Historical Walking Tour brochures are available at the municipal office in Ripley and at the Lucknow Tourism Office. They are also available to download on the right hand side of this page.


Lucknow Historical Walking Tour

The Lucknow Historical Walking Tour has two walks: Sommerville Walk and Treleaven Walk. Sommerville Walk takes you to 18 different properties on the north end of Lucknow including the current Sepoy Manor and Everlasting Flowers and Gifts, which used to be a fruit market. Treleaven Walk features 21 properties on the south end of town including Nine Waves, which used to be a feed mill and the former Mayfair Restaurant.

Sommerville Walk

662 Campbell Street Sports Complex

659 Campbell Street

651 Wheeler Street

543 Gough Street Sepoy Manor

708 Havelock Street

782 Havelock Street, Henderson RONA Lumber

592 Outram Street, St. Peter's Anglican Church

533 Hamilton Street, Lucknow Lawn Bowling

533 Hamilton Street, Lucknow Tennis Courts

578 Havelock Street, Lucknow Presbyterian Church

511 Havelock Street

505 Havelock Street, Lucknow United Church

573 Campbell Street

579 Campbell Street

589 Campbell Street

597 Campbell Street

605-615 Campbell Street Beaver Block

623-625 Campbell Street Anderson Block

Treleaven Walk

662 Campbell Street Sports Complex

640 Willoughby Street

293 Place Street Lucknow Community Christian Reformed Church

323 Havelock Street

441 Havelock Street, Former St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

458 Campbell Street, Lucknow Waterworks Conservation Area

446 Campbell Street

457 Campbell Street

498 Campbell Street

526 Campbell Street, Lucknow Library Building, Bruce County Library

580 Campbell Street

47 Inglis Street, Lucknow Legion

469 Inglis Street, Nine Mile Villa

598-606 Campbell Street

612 Campbell Street

622 Campbell Street

626 Campbell Street

630 Campbell Street

638 Campbell Street

644 Campbell Street

648 Campbell Street

Ripley Historical Walking Tour

The Ripley Historical Walking Tour has three walks: MacLennan, Ross and MacDonald. There are a total of 45 properties featured in Ripley including private properties, and commercial buildings. Learn about the first post office in town, the old arena and other fasinating stories that contribute to Ripley's history.

MacLennan Walk


99 Huron Street, Ripley Jubilee Arena

7 Malcom Street, Ripley Lot 85, 87, 94, 96

7 Blake Street, Huron Market

60 Queen Street

56 Queen Street

54 Queen Street

52 Queen Street

48 Queen Street

46 Queen Street

39 & 41 Queen Street

Ross Walk

15 Queen Street

21 Queen Street

29 Queen Street

38 Queen Street

44& 42 Queen Street

87 Huron Street

85 Huron Street

83 Huron Street

81 Huron Street

79 Huron Street

77 Huron Street

75 Huron Street

84 Huron Street

82 Huron Street

80 Huron Street

18 Jessie Street

17 Jessie Street

11 Jessie Street

2-4 Jessie Street

1 Jessie Street

MacDonald Walk

1 MacDonald Street (Formerly Ross St.)

27 Tain Street

69 Huron Street

69B Huron Street

70-72 Huron Street

74 Huron Street

76 Huron Street

23 Jessie Street

25 Jessie Street

21 Ripley Street

2-4 Ripley Street

Lewis Trail

32 Park Street

24 Park Street

1 James Street



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