2017 Dog Tags


As per By-Law 2010-10, all dog owners are required to purchase a dog tag and to affix the tag to their dog.

Registered 2016 dog owners will be invoiced $15.00 to keep your current dog registration; which will be due prior to March 1, 2017.  New tags are not distributed as they have a long life expectancy. Replacement tags for lost or damaged tags may be purchased for $2.00. Dog owners who have not registered his/her dog are responsible for purchasing a dog tag. This licenses and registers the dog with the Township of Huron Kinloss and enables the Animal Control Officer to return a dog home found straying at large.

If you have do not have a dog tag you can purchase one at the following locations:

Country Depot         315 Hamilton Lane, Kincardine
Lucknow Travel       603 Campbell Street, Lucknow
Township Office      21 Queen Street, Ripley

Dog tags are on sale now for a cost of $15.00 until March 1, 2017. At which time, tags will increase to $25.00.

There is a $100.00 fine for not purchasing a dog tag or failure to attach a dog tag.  The Animal Control Officer will be canvassing certain areas of the Township of Huron Kinloss to ensure all dogs have been registered. 

If you no longer have a dog, it is your responsibility to notify The Township Office.

Heather Falconer
By-law Enforcement Officer and Small Animal Control


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