Tree Cutting Notice


The Tree Preservation By-Law 2011-85 prohibits or regulates the destruction or injuring of trees or woodlots on private property within the Tree Preservation area.

The preservation area is defined as the “bluff” (the sloped area that comprised the old Algonquin shoreline and runs parallel to the Lake Huron shoreline between the North and South boundaries of the Township of Huron-Kinloss and shall include the area defined as the toe of the bluff to 3 metres beyond the top of the bluff).  A permit must be obtained for any live or dead tree cut in this defined preservation area.  A permit is not required to prune tree branches in accordance with Good Arboriculture Practice to maintain, improve, or protect tree health and surrounding forest health. There is no cost for a tree cutting permit. However, strict fines will be incurred should tree cutting occur in the defined preservation area without having first obtained a permit. 
Tree Cutting is strictly prohibited on any municipally owned property.
Brianne Elliott
By-Law Enforcement Officer
Township of Huron-Kinloss


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