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Township of Huron - Kinloss
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Huron-Kinloss HK Connects

Spring Hydrant Flushing

The hydrants in the Township Water Distribution Systems will be flushed as follows:

Lucknow - week of April 3rd

Lakeshore - starting week of April 3rd

Ripley - week of April 10th

During this time you may experience changes in pressure and/or discolouration of water.  Residents are encouraged to remove all faucet screens and filters and thoroughly flush their water systems.

If you have any questions, please contact Veolia Water Canada at 519-524-6583.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Spring Construction in the Township

The Township of Huron-Kinloss has awarded the tender for the Whitechurch Watermains and Paving contract to Bill & Tom Kempton Construction Ltd. The standard of service will consist of new four-inch water main and individual service connections to each property. This project will also include road reconstruction, new sidewalk and paving of Whitechurch Street.

The project start date is to be mid April and the project is to be completed by August 31st.

Township of Huron-Kinloss Council approved the 2017 Budget

The 2017 budget contains $7.52 million in operating expenditures and $3.85 million in capital expenditures.  After revenues and transfers from reserves are applied, the Township must levy $7,235,395; an increase of $230,953 or 3.3% over the 2016 levy.  In order to raise these funds, the residential tax rate will be set at 0.00588157; a 2.9% increase over the 2016 tax rate.

The budget was developed with every attempt to meet the needs of the community while maintaining affordability.  There is a significant increase in the 2017 capital budget to allow some large projects to proceed.  With a combination of grant funding, transfer from reserves and a surplus from 2016 projects that came in under budget, the Township is able to complete these projects with only minimal tax impact.  Details on the specific projects that are included in the 2017 budget is available in the information release found on the Township’s website.

2017 is the first year of the new four year assessment cycle.  The current market value property assessment as of January 1, 2016 will be used to calculate property taxes for 2017 to 2020, inclusive.  Any increases from the previous assessment cycle (market value at January 1, 2012) are phased in over the four year period.  Any decreases to property assessments are fully implemented in 2017. 

Reassessment has resulted in a shifting between classes. For this assessment cycle, the major increases are in the farmland class.  The total taxable residential assessment for 2017 has increased by only 1%, compared to 20% in the farmland class.  According to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) the average value of a residential single family home is 238,306.

The average* residential single family home paid $2,771.28 in property tax for 2016.  Based on the municipal, County and education (estimated) tax rates for 2017, that amount would increase by $2.36 to $2,773.64; an overall increase of 0.9%.

* Based on reassessment data from MPAC, your assessment may be more or less than the average.

Tree Permits Required along the Bluff

As stipulated in the Tree Preservation By-Law 2011-85, The “Bluff” is the sloped area that comprised the old Algonquin shoreline and runs parallel to the Lake Huron shoreline between the North and South boundaries of the Township of Huron-Kinloss and shall include the area defined as the toe of the bluff to 3 metres beyond the top of the bluff.

Tree Preservation is for the purpose of:

  • Protecting vegetation in the Lakeshore Urban Area along the bluff for the purpose of habitat protection, water quality, aesthetics, and a buffer zone;
  • Retention of tree cover in the lakeshore area;
  • Minimizing the destruction or injuring of trees;
  • Regulating and controlling the removal, maintenance and protection of trees;
  • Protecting, promoting and enhancing the aesthetic values of land;
  • Sustaining a healthy natural environment;
  • Prevent soil erosion and water run-off;
  • Protecting significant and sensitive natural areas to ensure maximum environmental benefits of  trees in both urban and rural settings;
  • Contributing to human health and quality of life through the maintenance of tree cover and woodlots; 
  • Protecting woodlots that are less than 1 hectare in size and not under the jurisdiction of the County of Bruce Forest Conservation By-law; 

Please contact the Community Services Department at 519-395-2909 should you require a permit or tree preservation information.

NWMO Early Investment in Education and Skills

The Township of Huron-Kinloss has partnered with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) to provide a program to help build capacity for Huron-Kinloss residents  to participate in the Adaptive Phased Management (APM) Project were it to come to this community. The program includes investments in training and education to equip community members, including youth to work at the Centre of Expertise, and in subsequent site preparation, construction and operation.

Program opportunities include available funding for science camps, youth enrichment programs, support for environmental projects through youth funding and support for continuing education and skills.

This program will be a pilot program for the first year. Program funding is $20,000.00 for the year and will be directly provided by the NWMO.

For details on the program, visit or contact

A Message for Dog Owners

It is springtime and with the snow melting it is evident that not everyone has been cleaning up after their dogs over the wintertime.

Persons found failing to remove dog waste will be fined $100.00 as per By-Law 2010-10.

It is easiest if when you are walking your dog you carry disposable dog waste bags that attach onto your leash. There are also disposable bags provided by the Township in various locations.  

Your dog must be under your control at all times and should not be allowed to run up to fellow walkers.  If a dog is not under control of its owner it is considered to be “running at large” and there is a fine of $100.00 for that offence as per By-Law 2010-10.

If you are a dog owner, please keep your dog under your control and clean up the waste that your dog may produce while walking.  This will help the environment and keep Huron-Kinloss a beautiful place to live and play.

Township of Huron-Kinloss Community Events

April 2017 Community Events

Lucknow Legion Wing Night - Saturday, April 1

Lucknow Agriculture Society Lasagna Dinner and Auction - Sunday, April 2

Ripley Legion Wing Night - Saturday, April 8

Ripley St. Andrew's United Church Good Friday Service - Friday, April 14

Ripley Business Community Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, April 15

Lucknow Chamber of Commerce and Kinettes Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, April 15

Ripley St. Andrew's United Church Easter Service - Sunday, April 16

Ripley Dodgeball Tournament - April 21-22

Ripley Minor Hockey AGM - April 25

HAWK Theatre "Homecoming"  - April 28,29, 30 and May 4, 5, 6



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