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Township of Huron - Kinloss
Point Clark - Ripley - Lucknow

Huron-Kinloss Nuclear

Initial Borehole Drilling to Advance Learning

NWMO and Huron-Kinloss Considering Test Borehole Drilling

Ben Belfadhel, Director APM Geoscience with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization will be attending the NWCAC meeting on Tuesday, October 4th to present on initial test borehole drilling in the Township of Huron-Kinloss.

NWMO and the Township of Huron-Kinloss are considering drilling an initial borehole on municipal land to further advance understanding of the general geology of the community.  The location of the initial borehole will be selected through discussions with the community and is not expected to be a repository site. The purpose of the presentation is to review available options for the location of initial borehole drilling studies and initial plans for an open house later this fall to involve community members.

All NWCAC meetings are open to the public. Meetings take place at 7:00p.m. in Council Chambers at the municpal office located at 21 Queen Street, Ripley.

Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee Meeting with Guest Speaker Dr. Douglas Boreham

Radiation 101

The Nuclear Waste Communittee Advisory Committee will have guest speaker Dr. Douglas Boreham present at the October 4th, 2016 meeting. 

The meeting will take place at 7:00p.m. in Council Chambers at the Municipal Office located at 21 Queen Street in Ripley.

All meetings are open to the public.

Implementing Adaptive Phased Management 2017 to 2021

Draft for Public Review

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has released Implementing Adaptive Phased Management 2017 to 2021 – DRAFT FOR PUBLIC REVIEW, an annually updated strategic plan. It describes a five-year work program, presenting highlights in eight key areas.

The plan is a living document that is regularly assessed, strengthened and redirected in the face of new information, advances in technology and science, changes in societal values, and evolving public policy.

Comments and ideas about continuing to move forward are welcome to the NWMO. To guide this review, there are some questions for consideration;

The draft plan is built around eight strategic objectives. Are the objectives that we have identified appropriate? Have we missed key areas?
The draft plan identifies work and activities we propose to undertake to accomplish these objectives. Have we set out appropriate activities?
The draft plan is intended to anticipate the challenges ahead and plan for them. Over the next five years, what are the key challenges that will need to be addressed?
What will the NWMO need to put in place to respond to these challenges?
Other comments, questions or suggestions?

Comments are welcome by mail or through the NWMO website by October 31, 2016.

NWMO Transportation Display Visiting Huron-Kinloss Fall Fairs

UFTP Transportation Display in Lucknow and Ripley

Within the next 30 years, Canada’s used nuclear fuel will start to be moved from licensed interim storage locations to a
deep geological repository for safe and secure, long-term containment and isolation. A plan is now beginning to be put in place  for this transportation.

The NWMO invite you to visit the transportation display and learn more about the plan for transporting nuclear fuel. The display was open to the public at the Lucknow Fall Fair on September 17th and will be displayed again at the Ripley Fall Fair on September 24th.



Take the Opportunity to Learn More

Visit with the NWMO to Learn More about Canada's Plan for Used Nuclear Fuel.

Residents of Huron-Kinloss, community groups and organizations are invited to take the opportunity to meet with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to learn more about Canada's plan for the long term management of used nuclear waste.

The plan,  Adaptive Phased Management is the centralized containment and isolation of Canada's used fuel in a deep geological repository in an area with suitable geology and an informed and willing host. APM also involves the development of a transportation system to move the used fuel from the facilities where it is currently stored to the new site.The management system involves realistic, manageable phases, each marked by explicit decision points. It allows for flexibility in the pace and manner of implementation, and fosters the sustained engagement of people and communities throughout its implementation. APM is also designed to meet rigorous safety standards throughout all aspects of its design and implementation.

If you or your group is interested in meeting with the NWMO to learn more please contact Paul Austin at or call 519-386-6711.

The NWMO Learn More Centre located at 46 Queen Street in Ripley is open to the public. The office is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m. Everyone is welcome.

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