Pine River Watershed Initiative

The Pine River Watershed Initiative Network (PRWIN) is a local organization that formed over concerns with the watershed of the Pine River which runs into Lake Huron at Point Clark. This group of volunteers are active in finding concrete solutions to improve the watershed one idea at a time.

Their mandate of "Clean water and a healthy ecosystem" has guided PRWIN as they:
•    arranged for more than 242,550, trees to be planted in the watershed between 2008 and 2015
•    built over 8 kilometres of exclusion fencing
•    constructed 5 livestock water crossings
•    designed and implemented 4 wetlands
•    designed and built 7 alternate water sources
•    restored riparian buffer with over 250 native grass plugs
•    created over 18 wind breaks
•    coordinated the construction of 11 local berms
•    supported research and evaluation of nitrate filters
•    carried out educational outreach for local elementary and high school students

The Lake Huron Binational Partnership 2010 Annual Report features a picture submitted from the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network demonstrating the extent of the nature of their efforts.  (see report on right hand side)
In 2011 the Pine River Watershed Initiative was asked to put together an action plan to identify priority areas to target for improvement measures within the next five years.  The Integrated Watershed Management Plan (located on the right) is the result. 
In 2013 PRWIN received the Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence, along with the CKNX am 920 FAB award for "Excellence in the Well Being of Agriculture". In the spring of 2015 the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network launched a Sponsorship Program. Each level of sponsorship has recognition rewards. PRWIN supplies an official tax receipt for donations over $20.00. Call their office at 519-395-5538 for more details.
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The Township of Huron-Kinloss is proud to support the work of the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network.

Contact Us

Phone: 519-395-3735
Fax: 519-395-4107
21 Queen Street, P.O. Box 130, Ripley ON N0G 2R0